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Secret Spots to Visit in 10 Countries

Have you every noticed sometimes the nicest places are right under your nose?


I have noticed tourists traveling overseas to see things right in my town or city.


So, I present to you 10 countries and fun not so well known places to see in each of them. I hope yours is on the list!


  1. Spain
  2. Argentina
  3. Chile
  4. Mexico
  5. Brazil
  6. Italy
  7. U.S
  8. Colombia
  9. Germany
  10. Peru


aerial photo of Spain

Spain is  one of the most visited countries in Europe who hasn’t wanted to visit to see the sites, art museums, and architectural displays? There are all those amazing places you may have seen on television or in person and then there are lesser known but beautiful places like the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia.

This European country for the year 2019, broke the record with more than 80 million visitors!

Next, I want to introduce you to incredible places in Spain that are not so common, but that are definitely worth knowing about

  • Cartagena 

It belongs to the region of Murcia, although it is unknown to many tourists, it is quite a historical jewel that has magnificent sites, such as:

  • Roman theatre
  • Naval museum
  • Arqueologic Museum 
  • Sea wall
  • Puebla de Sanabria 

brown painted houses during daytime

This site belongs to the province of Zamora, a town with natural and architectural landscapes that will leave you impressed,  it is a place that few know about.

Its cobbled streets that will invite you to get closer to its spectacular viewpoints like…

  •  The Castle of Puebla Sanabria 
  • Hermitage of San Cayetano
  • Giants Museum
  • Sanabria lake 


  • Goiuri 

Have you heard about ? This town is in the province of Alava, belonging to the Basque Spanish territory.

It has many hidden treasures, but without a doubt what you can’t miss is the beautiful Guluji waterfall.

This Goiuri waterfall is a spectacle , it has a drop of 100 meters, the greatest thing is that you can easily visit it,  you just have to locate the Izarra School and enter a very simple path.


The recommended times are spring and autumn, where you will see all the splendor of its falls.


I 2018 Argentina had more than 6 million tourists enter to learn about the wonders of this South American country. 

Many tourists go to well-known places such as,  for example the Iguazú falls,  this  time I want to introduce you to  sites that you may not know .

Argentina flag

  • Salto del Agrio In Neuquén I recommend you visit an impressive waterfall that few know its beauty will leave you captivated, also the Copahue volcano.
  • Arita cone

You may ask, what is the Cone of Arita? This is a natural pyramid that few travelers know, located in the  province of Salta.

cono de arita

You will be amazed by its height of almost 150 meters. This natural cone of salt is the most perfect worldwide.

  • Villa Epecuén

Many tourists who visit Buenos Aires are limited to knowing the emblematic buildings of the city, leaving aside few known places as fascinating and curious  as Villa Epecuén is.


So, if you want to be the exception, you can visit Villa Epecuén, where  you will be amazed with all the history that this ghost town keeps,  currently only one inhabitant resides there.



How much is Chile visited?,  in 2019 it received 4.5 million tourists.

This country in South America has amazing places that few know about so I invite you to see the following:

  • Las Buitreras Waterfall

You can find this waterfall in the Maule Region, it is not very crowded when compared to other places in Chile 

If you visit this waterfall you will be amazed by the reed beds and giant lotus leaves,  you can go hiking and take the opportunity to take a dip in the lagoon that forms the waterfall , the most incredible thing is that you will not need a big budget.

  • Pot Jump 

Although Lagos is a well-known Region in Chile, Salto de Olla is not, so I invite you to give yourself the opportunity to get out of conventional places and get to know Salto de Olla, a magical waterfall.

  • Conguillío National Park

In the Region La Araucanía, it is the Parque Nacional Conguillío surrounded by volcanoes and landscapes that have been designed over thousands of years by the solidified lava.


aerial view of city buildings near sea during daytime

Every year Mexico receives more visitors,  this is reflected in the year 2018 when it received  more than 40 million tourists 

girls in Mexico dancing


  • Firefly Sanctuary 

If you are on a budget and want to visit a fascinating place, don’t worry, just a little over two hours from Mexico City in Toaxalca you have the option of visiting the Sanctuary of Fireflies, a magical place. 

Firefly sanctuary

  • Cuetzalan 

If you want to get away from the city, but you can’t find a quiet, beautiful and cheap place; see Cuetzalan in Puebla.

You will feel that you are in a magical place, with its cobbled streets surrounded by mountains.

  • Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila

When you see this town you will ask yourself why didn’t you know about it already?

You will fall in love with its streets with everything it has for you. In this town you can find attractions such as wine growing or gypsum dunes.  


flag of Brazil near high-rise buildings

Did you know? Brazil for the year 2017, received more than 6 million tourists.

This South American country has many attractions in addition to Christ the Redeemer or Copacabana, that are also worth knowing.

aerial photography of Brazil cityscape near sea

  • Lençóis Maranhenses

In Maranhao towards the north of Brazil,  you can find a corner that few know, but that has a unique landscape, where the water and the desert meet . I recommend that you do the visit between the rainy season (May-September) is  when the lagoons form inside the desert.

  • Itacaré, Bahia 

If you are a tourist looking for a little visited place, then Itacaré is your best option, since it is a mix between jungle and calm beaches,a paradise destination !

  • Inhotim

It is  a museum that you can visit in the city of Brumadinho, it is the perfect place if you are a fan of contemporary art, its entrance is accessible But not only that, since Inhotim is not just any museum, because it is located in the heart of the jungle .


Amazing! Italy  in  2017  received  123 million  tourists. 

white motor scooter near building

Italy is also visited for low cost and  its  beautiful landscapes. 

  • Pitigliano

It is  a magical town that you will find in the province of Grosseto, although it belongs to Tuscany,  it is not the most popular, but that does not mean that it is not as beautiful as the rest.

It is your own place that radiates beauty everywhere which you will notice when observing its cobbled streets .

man standing in front of statue

  • Procida

Procida, is located in the city of Naples,  it is an island of volcanic origin, it is perfect to relax in the sea and enjoy everything about the culture of this place .

  • Burano

You can find this wonderful town in the Veneto region,  it is isolated from the typical tourist centers of Venice.

Undoubtedly, when  you visit the small town of  Burano , you will fall in love with  its colorful houses, full of life. 



In 2017, the US received more than 76 million tourists, it is not unusual for this North American country because it is loaded with wonderful things to see and do.

But most of the tourists visit the same places, leaving aside little known places, but that you can  discover  with a low budget and they are also as beautiful as the rest.

white and gray wooden house with US flag

  • Rhode Island 

A hidden paradise that few know about the USA . Rhode Island is located in the northeast of the country and is the smallest state where  you can enjoy the following attractions:

  • Colonial architecture
  • Legendary Mansions
  • Art and natural museums
  • Gardens
  • Lakes
  • Boats on the lakes

Rhode Island

  • Michigan

You can spend an incredible day without the need to spend  so much money.


Also, you can have fun with your family and friends by racing through the dunes that you will find in this place. 


  • Idaho

If you are passionate about mountain adventures and want to visit a little-known but surprisingly captivating place, then you should visit the Sawtooth Forest  in the  heart of Idaho.

photography of snow-capped mountain during daytime

In this place you will disconnect from all the overwhelming urban planning and you can  enjoy the outdoors, hiking, fauna and flora. 


flamingo on pond

A beautiful country in South America, which has many tourist places such as Bogotá, Cartagena de Indias and Santa Marta. In 2018 they reached 4 million tourists visiting the country.

However, there are other sites  that you may not know, but I will show you.

  • Town of Ráquira

This is a beautiful town located in Boyacá  that very few tourists know but it is worth visiting,  you can enjoy the magic of this little town without having to spend all your money.


  • The Green Lagoon

In the Department of Nariño  there is  a place that will leave you fascinated by its natural beauty.  You can go without spending a lot of money, or seeing so many tourists. This little known spot is  the Green Lagoon.

To get to this lagoon, you can pay a transport or if you are more daring and you like to be in contact with nature then you can walk and fall  in love with the landscapes  with every step you take. 

white and blue boat on beach during daytime

  • Islote Santa Cruz

In the Bolívar area, you will be able to see a very unique islet such as the Santa Cruz Islet.



white and pink petaled flowers on metal fence near concrete houses and tower at daytime

In Europe Germany is the country with the most tourists, in 2018 it had a record of both domestic and foreign tourists of almost 500 million .


  • Blautopf Blue Lake

In the city of Blauberan, there is the blue lake of Blautopf, I recommend that you visit it, it is like something out of a fairy tale.

blue lake

This site is perfect to know; You will not only be amazed by the lake and the intense blue color of its waters, but also  by  the architectural works that surround it. 

  • Höllentals Gorge

Another site in Germany is less well known but certainly impressive the valley of Höllentals.

  • Saxon Switzerland 

Saxon Switzerland belongs to the state of Saxony, in this place you will find an incomparable landscape, it  is surrounded by incredible rock formations, valleys and cliffs.

Surely Saxon Switzerland will make you fall in love landscapes!


Peru mountain aerial photography

Peru has growing visitors each year in 2018 4 million visitors traveled to this South American country.

  • Huancaya

If you are a mountain lover Huancaya is the perfect place for you, although it is not as popular as Machu Picchu, it has a lot to offerIt has beautiful rivers and waterfalls.

  • Huayllay Stone Forest

In the Pasco department you can find the wonderful Huayllay Stone Forest, where you can appreciate how great nature can be to sculpt impressive rock formations. 

road near body of water and buildings at daytime

  • Saint Jerome of Surco

Or you can visit in the province of Huarochirí, you will  not need large amounts of money to visit it, it  has many attractions that have been little explored but are worth knowing.

Among the attractions you will find at this site you are: rivers, waterfalls, natural slides and landscapes to enjoy hiking. 

Just grab your backpack and prepare to meet these sites hidden and spectacular but waiting for you!

Do you live in these countries? What would you add?

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