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New to Crochet? Make a Scarf!

Crocheting a scarf or a hat for yourself or loved ones might seem time consuming or frustrating task at times; but the love invested in every loop and chain is something you can’t buy at a store.  

Ever since my grandma decided to sit down with me when I was 12 to teach me how to make a chain I fell in love with the craft.

The immense possibilities of creating whatever you want with just yarn and a hook fascinated me to no end.  

From that time to now, I have created a wide arrange of dresses, scarfs, hats, and even tiny characters called amigurumi. 

There is no perfect project; some loops are misplaced, some chains are missing or there could be too many of them! 

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But the endproduct is a unique piece like a fingerprint made for a beautiful purpose: to gift, to keep, to cherish. 

I think the most important work I have ever made (although not the hardest) is the scarf. 

I‘ve created tons of unique designs for all my friends and my mom; making sure each one of them is not like the others and tailored to the person’s heart. 

Starting your own project 

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You can start your crochet project too. Perhaps chaining yarn hundreds of times is not appealing to most, but you will find the process rewarding. Here is how you can start: 

  1. Pick a piece: try to start with a small project if you still do not know the ropes of crochet.
  2. You can create a coaster for your favorite cup or a friendship bracelet; those are great learning experiences to feel confidence in your loops. If you want to face the crochet scarf right away, you may as well (It’s up to you!)
  3. Get inspired: sometimes it’s hard to pick a color or even a yarn type. Do not fret, this can be easier than you think 
  4. Colors: you can pick your favorite color or go to nature to inspire your first project. Sometimes mimicking the fall leaves or the winter snow can make an amazing piece that’s also a reflection of the season.  
  5. Yarn: use your face. It might sound confusing but picking yarn with your hands may not be the same. Sometimes you need to rub a little bit of yarn on your cheek to really feel its softness. Make sure the yarn you are touching is clean and you’re not allergic to the materials. 
  6. Choose the right tools: for each thickness of yarn, you need different hook sizes. You can find the yarn size on its label and the hook size on the hook itself. Here is a handy guide for picking the right pairing:  
Yarn Size and number  Recommended Hook in Metric (mm) 
Lace weight (0)  1.5 – 2.25 mm 
Fingering or Super fine (1)  2.25 – 3.5 mm 
Sport (2)  3.5 – 4.5 mm 
Light (3)  4.5 – 5.5 mm 
Medium (4)  5.5 – 6.5 mm 
Bulky (5)  6.5 – 9 mm 
Super Bulky (6)  9 mm or bigger 

The sizes may vary depending on your experience, you may want to use bigger yarn with smaller hooks if you want to make your project tighter, or bigger hooks and smaller yarn to make it lighter.  

Start creating: the creative process might be a little bit hard, especially for beginners.

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You can find amazing step-by-step tutorials on YouTube for many projects, and if you can read patterns, there are many amazing projects for purchase or for free around the internet.  

Don’t give up: many times, we get frustrated because we must undo a big part of our project.

Whether the measurements weren’t right, or we missed some chains on the process, this can happen to you in almost every project. 

That’s ok; take a break for a day and restart your work the next with at least one row. Your motivation will come back eventually when you see your work taking shape.  

Find a distraction: if you manage to do a project that requires repetitive work and you mastered all the steps, you can listen to a podcast, and audio book or music while you crochet. This can make your time more enjoyable, especially with big projects.  

Finishing a project feels amazing. That is my experience from every single work I’ve ever made (no matter how big or small). If you decide to embark on a crochet project, your journey will be filled with amazing discovery and a pleasant arrival.  

Tips to make your own scarf  

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Now that you know where to startwe can move on to the basics of making a scarf: 

  • A nice scarf might need from a medium to bulky yarn. You can choose other yarns and hooks to experiment with different thicknesses and weight once you feel comfortable with the basics.  
  • Try to pick an easy pattern. Single-crochet scarves are very thick and beautiful; they may seem intricate, but they are as simple as you can go!  
  • If you want to do faster patterns try to do a Double-crochet scarf, use a bigger hook, and choose bigger yarn.  
  • Make sure to prepare at least 3 skeins of yarn to start your project. That can be used for a 5-inch scarf of regular width. If you want to make it bigger, get at least 4 skeins.  
  • If this is your first project, make sure you do a practice square. That way you can understand how to make the chains and patterns. 
  • Have fun! 

Now that you’re ready for your first project we would love to see your results. Make sure to post a picture and see you next time!

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