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How to Cope With Cov.


For the sake of this post lets call the virus CV.

I wanted to jot down some quick thoughts. Please excuse the formatting.

How are you? I hope your are feeling super fantastic! But I think many people are feeling some uncertainty, fear, and anxiety.

Where do feelings come from? They come from our thoughts, our thoughts come from our beliefs.

It’s very nice to have Truth as the backdrop and reference point for your thoughts and feelings.

A phone call…, “your house is on fire” you hear this and feel upset, angry, alarmed, sad.

Then the caller says “just joking” you have more feelings. But do you see that your feelings were based on a thought and not reality? The house was not on fire, yet you felt depressed and afraid.

Everyone hurts – some of the time. Fear has to be put aside and action must be taken. When you feel that fear is paralyzing you take action. It is said that logic will not change an emotion but action will.

A long journey starts with a small step. I often get up and go exercise for 10 or 20 minutes or longer – when I don’t feel like it. Afterward I feel great my emotions change not from thinking or logic but from action.

A quick technical peak at the virus CV.

the name

CO – corona family of viruses (been around a long time)

VI – virus

D – disease, this is were it gets tricky. Its a magical virus that changes to a disease? I know precious little about biology but this is confusing.

19 – discovered in March 2019

Death rate? it’s something like 0.03 some extremely minuscule number.

I base this off of hundreds of thousands of people tested in CA. and other places. Hundreds of thousands is a nice test, you compare that to deaths and you get death rate.

-at this point you may protest and quickly move to parrot the news that has been force fed to you for months.

I would not take time to write this post for the sake for trying to deceive you or argue about politics.

I’m not here to argue or try to figure out why there are so many lies surrounding this. I’m here to tell people being bullied to fear not.

Note: thousands of people die every year from the flu. If you are elderly or very young or immune compromised in some other way, your chances of dying are greater.

With CV. if you are not immune compromised, if you have not smoked for 40 years and don’t have COPD, your chances are something like 99% or higher that you’ll be fine.

In fact; herd immunity is needed for people groups to overcome viruses. People exposed to a virus will produce anti bodies and immunity.

That has been going on for thousands of years (it’s how people groups have survived). That is why its bad for a baby to get sick, they have not built immunity.

My point again, is just to remove darkness and lies for those who may be feeling terrified and paralyzed.

Why do companies pay millions each year to advertise? Why billboards? Because the power of suggestion changes behavior.

Therefore, when we see CV. on every webpage, on billboards, and everywhere – this has a powerful effect. Sniffle, sniffle,…did I just sniffle? am I sick? do I have…the virus? This is the placebo effect in reverse.

The Silver Lining

One tool for good mental health is to look for a silver lining, a positive in situations.

What has your experience been personally?

I made a few dollars from a stock influenced by CV. (I knew it was silly way back in March)

I had to attend an event that would be embarrassing for me. Yet, I was spared due to CV.

I was afraid I may be penalized for a late payment. However, I was not nor would I be, because of CV.

I got free things. And more free things.

My work situation became more favorable because of the virus hysteria.

There is a lengthy list of significant positive things that took place for me. Yes, I mourn daily for those who have been negatively effected but my personal experience has been very positive. I’m pretty sure I also had the virus. It was like the flu.

In the book Think and Grow Rich the author mentions the term “transmutation” that is; to use situations, even negative ones as a power source and to so frame them mentally as to benefit from them.

Learn to Become a Talk Stopper

We are living in radical times. So be radical without apologies. (don’t be nasty or hurtful)

I have noticed people walking or just getting out and doing something. I can tell they would not normally do that but they are taking steps for their survival and mental health.

What am I trying to say? If you have pale white legs put on shorts and go outside.

If you are overweight and obese go for a little jog. People being forced to forgo social interaction need to get radical and do things that feel weird.

The obese person jogging may get a funny feeling and think “oh, I bet those people are talking about me and laughing.” But if others talk and you are taking action – this is what will happen…

If you go out 1 or 2 days people may talk. After week 1 or 2 the talk stops.

You can out-do talkers.

Become a talk stopper. I used an example that is easy to understand but the principal may be applied to many things.

Love Others

In survival situations we tend to look out for number 1. We want to get all the toilet paper. We want to be first after all we are just trying to survive right?

We can get cold and aloof. Rude and in a rush. Uncaring and apathetic to the needs and hurts of others.

A secret tool to be happy and encouraged is to try to encourage someone. Without fail, if you are tying to encourage someone – for the minute or two that you are focused on helping them – you yourself will not be feeling the sharp pain of depression and despondency.

Fear and uncertainty can be like a fog on people. Don’t let it change you, be kind and considerate to others. You will feel wonderful and be a light.

Choose Life

A study was done to find why certain survivors of the Holocaust went on to live normal lives. While others (understandably) seemed to remain imprisoned even after being freed.

The big study came down to a small word – choice.

It seemed some chose to live and move forward. Choice was a big part of moving forward.

I hazard to use this lesson given to us by heroic people in hopes we can benefit from it.

When things come down to a choice for you. Be bold and choose life, choose to move forward, choose to have courage. Say yes! out loud, resist the temptation to be boxed in and follow the crowd.

When people don’t know what to do they often follow others (conformism) or do what they are told to do (totalitarianism)

Be abnormal, be peculiar, be you and choose life.





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