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Five Free Amigurumi Patterns You Must See

If you are passionate about crochet, chances are you have come across the term “amigurumi”.

In this article I present to you – Five Free Amigurumi Patterns!

  • Notice the word is of Japanese origin, is literally translated into Spanish as “stuffed knitted toy”. 


  • This technique consists of crocheting animals or characters with a particularly adorable style, which characterizes amigurumi. 


  • It can be said that this practice belongs to the so-called Japanese “kawaii” culture, which is based on the adorable and beautiful. 


  • Amigurumi are believed to have entered Japanese culture in the 1950s after the war. The Japanese lived in great sadness, so Kawaii culture begins to emerge as a way to cheer them up. It is in this decade when amigurumi are born, who have a function that goes far beyond decoration.  


  • They are carefully created from start to finish, choosing materials carefully, and lovingly weaving and assembling them.  

If you want to delve into the world of amigurumi, or if you are already a fan of creating and giving them away, we recommend 5 free patterns and tutorials for you to create your partner. 

1. Little sheep – Amigurumi Pattern

sheep amigurumis

Kawaii-style sheep are an amigurumi classic. They are a perfect gift for the little ones, and it is also a nice play on words (sheep made of wool!). 

This pattern is given to us by the Lanas y Ovillos website , and it is really very simple. If you have never tried an amigurumi, this insurance is a good option to start.  

2. We are BearsAmigurumi Pattern


We are Bears is an animated series that is loved by young and old alike. These three bears are so adorable, and they certainly represent the kawaii style perfectly. 

There are not many free patterns and tutorials on the web for Panda, Brown and Polar amigurumi, so when we found this tutorial, we were very happy. 

Patrigurumis has many beautiful creations, and in addition to a video tutorial on her YouTube channel, she also shares the free pattern in Spanish on her website. 

3. Whale – Amigurumi Pattern

amigurumi whale

Although amigurumi are usually furry animals, whales are other very popular options in the world of this art, especially for beginners.

There are no color changes required or lots of pieces to join, so this free Amigurinos pattern  is ideal for making your first amigurumi alone. You dare? 

4. Jake the dog – Amigurumi Pattern

jake the dog

Adventure Time is another animated series that has managed to capture the hearts of many around the world, and without a doubt one of those responsible for this is our beloved Jake the Dog.

Jake is Finn’s faithful companion, and together they go on wild adventures in the Kingdom of Ooo. 

This free pattern from the Crafts & Decorations website results in a classic Jake with a perfect finish.  

5. Chloe Bunny and Mine kitty  

Can there be anything more adorable than bunnies and kittens? We can only think of one thing: Chloe and Mía, a very kawaii bunny and kitten with lots of detail. 

This pattern is for the most experienced and with more patience, since they are very elaborate amigurumis with many individual pieces, using different materials, techniques and color changes. 

However, the result is simply extraordinary, perfect for babies and toddlers. Tarturumies recently updated the pattern for these two adorable characters, and you can’t miss it.   

So, do you dare to create your faithful companion? Maybe you have gotten your new passion. Giving amigurumis is very satisfying, especially when it is given to the little ones. Which of these has been your favorite? 

what would you add to the Five Free Amigurumi Patterns?

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