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    How to Cope With Cov.

    Greetings, For the sake of this post lets call the virus CV. I wanted to jot down some quick thoughts. Please excuse the formatting. How are you? I hope your are feeling super fantastic! But I think many people are feeling some uncertainty, fear, and anxiety. Where do feelings come from? They come from our thoughts, our thoughts come from our beliefs. It’s very nice to have Truth as the backdrop and reference point for your thoughts and feelings. A phone call…, “your house is on fire” you hear this and feel upset, angry, alarmed, sad. Then the caller says “just joking” you have more feelings. But do you see…

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    Physical Health

    What to Eat While Pregnant

    I was comforted by someone telling me… “don’t worry, women have had no problem giving birth for thousands of years!”. You may take comfort in the fact that the miracle of pregnancy will happen all by itself. Annually there are 4 million births in the U.S. 62 births per 1000 women [1]. Over 2 and a half million of these births are vaginal while a little over 1 million are cesarean (c section) [2]. What to Eat While Pregnant I’ll tell you what I bought in a second. But eat whatever you want (sort of) “Pica” [3] is an eating disorder often seen in pregnant women, children, or those who are autistic. Pica is a disorder in which a person will…

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