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    10 Crochet Problems and How to Solve Them

    Do you use Pinterest a lot? You are not the only one! Pinterest is a very popular platform for people who enjoy crafts. Just read some of these stats: Pinterest has an approximate of 335 million monthly users, representing an increase of 26% each year, and has doubled in size since 2016, when they had 160 million users. It is the fourth most popular social platform in the United States, but Pinterest grows faster internationally, where it has grown 35% compared to 8% in the United States. Regarding males and females, it is mostly a platform used by women, who represent 72% of its users. Regarding age, 41% comprise users between 25 and 34 years old. Pinterest is used more on mobile devices than on any other…

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    New to Crochet? Make a Scarf!

    Crocheting a scarf or a hat for yourself or loved ones might seem time consuming or frustrating task at times; but the love invested in every loop and chain is something you can’t buy at a store.   Ever since my grandma decided to sit down with me when I was 12 to teach me how to make a chain I fell in love with the craft. The immense possibilities of creating whatever you want with just yarn and a hook fascinated me to no end.   From that time to now, I have created a wide arrange of dresses, scarfs, hats, and even tiny characters called amigurumi.  There is no perfect project; some loops are misplaced, some chains are…

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