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    10 Crochet Problems and How to Solve Them

    Do you use Pinterest a lot? You are not the only one! Pinterest is a very popular platform for people who enjoy crafts. Just read some of these stats: Pinterest has an approximate of 335 million monthly users, representing an increase of 26% each year, and has doubled in size since 2016, when they had 160 million users. It is the fourth most popular social platform in the United States, but Pinterest grows faster internationally, where it has grown 35% compared to 8% in the United States. Regarding males and females, it is mostly a platform used by women, who represent 72% of its users. Regarding age, 41% comprise users between 25 and 34 years old. Pinterest is used more on mobile devices than on any other…

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    Five Free Amigurumi Patterns You Must See

    If you are passionate about crochet, chances are you have come across the term “amigurumi”. In this article I present to you – Five Free Amigurumi Patterns! Notice the word is of Japanese origin, is literally translated into Spanish as “stuffed knitted toy”.    This technique consists of crocheting animals or characters with a particularly adorable style, which characterizes amigurumi.    It can be said that this practice belongs to the so-called Japanese “kawaii” culture, which is based on the adorable and beautiful.    Amigurumi are believed to have entered Japanese culture in the 1950s after the war. The Japanese lived in great sadness, so Kawaii culture begins to emerge as a…

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    How to Cope With Cov.

    Greetings, For the sake of this post lets call the virus CV. I wanted to jot down some quick thoughts. Please excuse the formatting. How are you? I hope your are feeling super fantastic! But I think many people are feeling some uncertainty, fear, and anxiety. Where do feelings come from? They come from our thoughts, our thoughts come from our beliefs. It’s very nice to have Truth as the backdrop and reference point for your thoughts and feelings. A phone call…, “your house is on fire” you hear this and feel upset, angry, alarmed, sad. Then the caller says “just joking” you have more feelings. But do you see…

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    New to Crochet? Make a Scarf!

    Crocheting a scarf or a hat for yourself or loved ones might seem time consuming or frustrating task at times; but the love invested in every loop and chain is something you can’t buy at a store.   Ever since my grandma decided to sit down with me when I was 12 to teach me how to make a chain I fell in love with the craft. The immense possibilities of creating whatever you want with just yarn and a hook fascinated me to no end.   From that time to now, I have created a wide arrange of dresses, scarfs, hats, and even tiny characters called amigurumi.  There is no perfect project; some loops are misplaced, some chains are…

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    What to Eat While Pregnant

    I was comforted by someone telling me… “don’t worry, women have had no problem giving birth for thousands of years!”. You may take comfort in the fact that the miracle of pregnancy will happen all by itself. Annually there are 4 million births in the U.S. 62 births per 1000 women [1]. Over 2 and a half million of these births are vaginal while a little over 1 million are cesarean (c section) [2]. What to Eat While Pregnant I’ll tell you what I bought in a second. But eat whatever you want (sort of) “Pica” [3] is an eating disorder often seen in pregnant women, children, or those who are autistic. Pica is a disorder in which a person will…

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    Secret Spots to Visit in 10 Countries

    Have you every noticed sometimes the nicest places are right under your nose?   I have noticed tourists traveling overseas to see things right in my town or city.   So, I present to you 10 countries and fun not so well known places to see in each of them. I hope yours is on the list!   Spain Argentina Chile Mexico Brazil Italy U.S Colombia Germany Peru Spain  Spain is  one of the most visited countries in Europe who hasn’t wanted to visit to see the sites, art museums, and architectural displays? There are all those amazing places you may have seen on television or in person and then there are…

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