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    Physical Health

    What to Eat While Pregnant

    I was comforted by someone telling me… “don’t worry, women have had no problem giving birth for thousands of years!”. You may take comfort in the fact that the miracle of pregnancy will happen all by itself. Annually there are 4 million births in the U.S. 62 births per 1000 women [1]. Over 2 and a half million of these births are vaginal while a little over 1 million are cesarean (c section) [2]. What to Eat While Pregnant I’ll tell you what I bought in a second. But eat whatever you want (sort of) “Pica” [3] is an eating disorder often seen in pregnant women, children, or those who are autistic. Pica is a disorder in which a person will…

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    Secret Spots to Visit in 10 Countries

    Have you every noticed sometimes the nicest places are right under your nose?   I have noticed tourists traveling overseas to see things right in my town or city.   So, I present to you 10 countries and fun not so well known places to see in each of them. I hope yours is on the list!   Spain Argentina Chile Mexico Brazil Italy U.S Colombia Germany Peru Spain  Spain is  one of the most visited countries in Europe who hasn’t wanted to visit to see the sites, art museums, and architectural displays? There are all those amazing places you may have seen on television or in person and then there are…

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